Our company was founded in 1982 and is specialized in switch cabinet construction and automation technology as well as the production of special heating and cooling systems for tank containers.

So we have 2 main branches:

Heating & Cooling-Systems for tank containers and trailers

We have been manufacturing heating and cooling systems for tank containers, tank trailers and other versatile applications in logistics, industry and crafts for over 30 years.

We offer a wide range of different products and can also react flexibly to a wide variety of applications.

Whether simple electrical water/glycol heating systems with flow temperatures of up to 95°C or thermal oil systems with up to 250°C in the flow, whether a housing with IP65 protection class or a completely encapsulated ATEX system, heating & cooling systems mounted on the tank container / trailer or flexible, easy-to-handle auxiliary heating systems, here you get everything from a single source.

Over the years, we have continually expanded our product range and can offer everything from a simple electric water/glycol heater (in the power range 7 - 36kW) to a completely self-sufficient 16kW diesel heating system. What we do not have in our product range, we are happy to make possible together with our customers.

Systembuilder for automation & drives solutions

Also customized solutions, from prototype to production stage. You decide where we are active.

Electric system supplier of grinding mills, crushers, compressors and implementation of conceptual solutions in the field of such investments.

Manufacture of switchgear and industrial electronics.

Comprehensive services worldwide, commissioning, installation, after-sales service and on demand operator training.



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